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Vinyl - Ride For Glory (BLUE -or- BLACK) European Import (2015)

Image of Vinyl - Ride For Glory (BLUE -or- BLACK) European Import (2015)


Iron Kingdom - Ride For Glory (Vinyl)

You can purchase in either Black or Blue vinyl, both are limited,

Still some Black vinyls to go around but the BLUE vinyl is SOLD OUT!

Track Listing:
Side A:
On the Eve of Battle
Leif Erikson
Ride For Glory
Lady Trieu and the Kingdom of Wu

Side B:
The Samurai
Night Attack
A Call to Arms
The Veiled Knight

Total of 500 copies pressed - 150 Blue / 350 Black

Label: Underground Power Records

Shipping is expensive, but it will be protected properly in transit

USA and CAN prices are for Shipment by air. (7-10 days)

All other countries shipping is by surface, which takes longer but is a much more affordable price. (4-6 weeks) If you are ok to pay more for faster shipping please contact us at: