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CD - 'Curse of The Voodoo Queen' ALBUM (2011)

Image of CD - 'Curse of The Voodoo Queen' ALBUM (2011)


This is the debut album of IRON KINGDOM! Full colour 8 page booklet, jewel case, pure and true heavy metal!!

Track Listing:

1) The Ritual
2) Voodoo Queen
3) Legions Of Metal
4) Unleash The Kraken
5) The Heretic
6) From the Ashes
7) Fired Up
8) The Nightrider
9) Lord Of The Twilight
10) Montezuma

10 Tracks with a total running time of... 48:25

Metal Titans (Canada) - ''I want an Iron Kingdom/Voodoo Queen Baseball Tee so I can blast this album and try to sing along, banging my head and driving to the stadium in my Trans Am to drink cans of Bud in the parking lot before the Iron Kingdom show! Fuck I wish it was the 80's right now. ''